chamber orchestra - 7 min.

Premiered as part of the Acanthes Academy at IRCAM, on the ManiFeste 2012 Festival, in Paris.

Program Notes:

Instrumental fragments in Lumière: Glacée et Réfractée (Light: Frozen and Refracted) are multiplied and filtered, occurring at different speeds and densities (refraction), often slowing to the point of “freezing.” The frozen materials bloom into variegated clouds, orchestrated among the twelve players. This work is in a family of pieces related to my large Pierrot Lunaire companion piece, Light from Outside, which a setting of text based on Rainer Maria Rilke's Die Erblindende.

Performance History:

World Premiere: June 28, 2012

Le Centquatre, Paris, France

Ensemble Intercontemporain

Pascal Rophé, conductor