cello and live audiovisual media - 6.5 min.

Program Notes:

Cerebral Hyphomycosis is a duet for live cellist and a virtual cellist that is reconstructed from a database of video clips, using a technique that might be called "lo-fi plundergraphic audiovisual concatenative synthesis." As the live cellist plays, his pitch is analyzed and used to look up the location of other pitches played in the database, one of which is selected and looped. Each pitch on the live cello, with a generous margin of error, triggers a specific pitch from the database. For instance, any time the live cellist plays between a low C and C#, a B an octave above is triggered in the virtual cellist. A variety of intervals are available between the live and virtual cellists using this fixed pitch transform, which is maintained throughout the piece, and used to generate the harmonic material. The database of video clips is drawn from music that is primarily monophonic, and harmonically dissimilar to Cerebral Hyphomycosis.

Performance History

World Premiere: April 6, 2016

Tyler J. Borden DMA Recital

Conrad Prebys Experimental Theater, UCSD

Tyler J. Borden, violoncello, Paul Hembree, computer

European Premiere: August 5, 2016

Darmstadt International Summer Course for New Music Open Space

Lichtenbergschule, Darmstadt, Germany

Tyler J. Borden, violoncello, Paul Hembree, computer